List of services offered by Technoparc Systems

Service Name

Website & web applications

Every organization must have a digital presence in order to give a broad professional scope to its products and services and to interact with different audiences according to the standards of our era. This is why TP Systems designs and develops a website adapted to the specific needs of your organization in record time and is reassured that the digital marketing of your products and services is done according to the latest and most demanding technological standards.


Electronic commerce has grown and we are developing e-commerce sites.

Mobile Application

In the 21st century, it is likely that your organization's customers and prospects will all have a SMART PHONE. That is why TP Systems offers a mobile application development service (ANDROID AND IOS) to help you keep your customers, provide them with ongoing service and reassure them of their satisfaction with the use of your products. Products and services. It is imperative to have a mobile application specific to your organization to reassure you that your products and services are within the reach of your customers, prospects and partners.

Desktop Application

The major asset your organization has is its human capital. In addition, the efficient and effective management of it is imperative in order to obtain a competitive advantage vis-à-vis the market. Thus, TP Systems offers you the opportunity to overcome the constraints related to personnel management, payroll or stock management by developing for your organization a software capable of managing the aforementioned services but also capable of digitizing and automate your personal and confidential information.

Training of your staff

After the development of an IT platform for your organization, it is conceivable to provide the organization with a staff that can effectively use this tool to discount the expected results. This is why TP Systems organizes trainings and seminars in order to familiarize your staff with the IT tools acquired by your organization. We also offer training on the use of new IT products that can help your organization run better with our skilled staff of engineers, business managers, consultants and communication and marketing experts.

Maintenance of services

With the rapid evolution of technology, any computing platform needs to be constantly updated. This is how TP Systems can rest assured that the IT products used by your organization are up-to-date by international standards and that all the electronic components of your organization are usable. We maintain your software, your computers and your entire computer system for productive and efficient performance of your organization.

PVC ID card printing service

We also offer printing services for student cards, services, and other according to your request


We take care of the qualification level of our staff and use the following technologies to create your satisfaction. Programming Languages: C, C ++, C #, ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, AJAX - JQUERY, VB, VB.NET, React & React Native Database Management: MySQL, Ms SQL, Oracle . As well as several other technologies to offer you the best service you deserve according to international standards.